Temple lodging -Shukubo Subaru an

Big old house stands beside Buddhist temple.
This was once for residential use for a long time.
Now we let guests stay as a temple lodging.

This temple is made up of some buildings, 
“hondo “ to worship wooden statues curved 1200years ago, 
“kuri “residence house for monks beside activity room 
and sacred cemetery area

Subaru-an house stands separately from other buildings. 
We accept only one group per night

one group Maximum 8 people
The guest can stay in private rooms.

sorry,we are temporally closed.

​Open new lodging in 2021


→We also offer

    cultural experiences.

Check the available and BOOK HERE
テラハクサイト (日本語)
​Air BnB (English)
 一泊(素泊まり)2人 7,200円(現金のみ) 

摂津国三十三カ所 第32番札所

摂津国八十八箇所 第37番札所

真言宗 如願寺 Nyogan-ji

547-0027 大阪市平野区喜連6-1-38

℡ 06(6709)2510

Fax 06 (6769) 2720

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